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Composite panels

A new, efficient, economic, stylish and sustainable construction solution for re-covering building façades that are made up of 2 aluminium sheets joined by a nucleus of thermoplastic resins.
A composite panel comprising of an external layer of aluminium alloy triple coated with PvdF paint (polyvinyl flouride) that offers great resistance to corrosion and ageing.  The internal nucleus is made up of thermoplastic resins (polyethelene).

This material union provides the composite panel with some excellent mechanical properties: high impact resistance, increased rigidity and reduced weight.  It is a product designed and tested to integrate in to buildings with increased thermal and accoustic features.

The composite panel is also available with the fire retardant option denominated FR (Fire Retardancy), that guarantees answers with respect to hypothetical fires.  It is a 4 mm mm panel made up of 0.5 mm thick aluminium sheets, coated with PvdF paint with a thickness of 25/35 microns on the external face and a central nucleus consisting of a mineral composition and 3 mm thick polyethelene.
The panel is accredited with the DIT Document of Suitability.
This range is completed with the INTDESIGN 3 mm thick panel which is ideal for internal applications, signage, digital printing, stands etc.
(4 mm. panel thickness – Al 0,5 m.)

FR-fire retardant
(4mm. panel thickness – Al 0,5 m.)
(3mm. panel thickness – Al 0.3 m.)
  • Transmittance

PE-Ust (W/m².K) = 3.38

FR-Ust (W/m².K) = 5.62
For a panel dimensioned
at  1.48 x 1.23 m.Test according to
EN ISO 12567-1:2000 norm
  • Accoustic insulation

RW (C;Ctr) dB: (C;Ctr) = 26 (-1, -3)

For a panel dimensioned
at  1.23 x 1.48 m.
Test according to
EN ISO 140-3:1995 norm
  • Alloys  3005H44 / 3105H44 / 3105H46    5005H22
  • Aluminium thickness:
PE- 0,5 mm.
FR- 0,5 mm.
INTDESIGN – 0,3 mm.
  • Panel thickness
PE- 4 mm.
FR – 4 mm.
INTDESIGN –3 mm.  
  • Width panel-stock:
PE-1250-1500 mm.
FR-1250-1500 mm.
INTDESIGN-1500 mm.
  • Length panel-stock:
PE-4000-5000 mm.
FR-4000-5000 mm.
INTDESIGN-3050-5050 mm.
  • Panel weight:
PE- 5,46 kg/m²
FR- 8,02 kg/m²
  • CH – Hanging system
  • SZ – Male-Female system
  • Riveted system
  • Glued system

Painted in 22 solid & metallic
colours in stock.
Pure White,

Shadow grey,
Metallic silver, Arctic White,
Dark green, Metallic champagne,
Garnet, Brown, Metallic bronze,
Intense red, Black, Metallic Titanium,
Orange, Ultramarine blue,  Carbon, Traffic
yellow, Metallic White, Metallic blue,
Beige, Grey metallic, Jade green,
Metallic copper

All other RAL colours available on request

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