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STEGU – the world of stone designs

Decorative stone brings an element of prestige and creativity to architecture. When used in parts of walls or in some interior zones, stone creates specific climate. STEGU stone-like tiles, made with great attention to detail, faithfully imitate the genuine beauty of natural stone. Decorative advantages of our products consist in variety of colours, shapes and textures which allow to create an unprecedented play of light and shade in each and every room.

The STEGU decorative stone distinguishes itself with variety of shades and sizes, inspired by architecture from various parts of the world, from the ice-cold North to hot and bathed in sunlight streets of Mediterranean towns. The structures, imitating lime blocks or finely cut sandstone, so characteristic for the Middle East, bring delicate warmth to modern interiors. Light decorative stones of austere, northern character, creating an interesting pattern of ground and polished slates, perfectly harmonize with “cool“ materials, like glass and metal. Interior stone with clear, convex structure of old, stone wall, emphasizes representativeness of premises and give them a touch of mysteriousness. The genuine looks of stone-like tiles is achieved with natural aggregates and pigments, and a demanding process of hand dressing. An additional benefit deriving from the application of STEGU decorative stone is protection of walls against mechanical damage and soiling, which is an important factor, especially in the case of intensively used premises, like living-rooms, halls or restaurants.
Stones – decorative stone, façade stone, wall tiles, façade tiles and exterior tiles

Collections of wall and façade stone-like tiles by the Stones company are created for lovers of good taste, interested in practical and timeless solutions. An interior decorated with decorative stone gain warm and exceptional climate, which makes time spent there an unforgettable experience. The Stones wall and façade tiles’ references to nature and classical models from various parts of the world will introduce extraordinary atmosphere to your homes, and each and every moment spent in such an environment will be a great pleasure both for residents and guests.

Natural stone and decorative stone

Decorative stone gives unlimited possibilities of creative design, both in modern and classical stylistics. What is equally important, wall and façade stone tiles are durable and easy to install.

Please feel invited to get acquainted with our full offer of decorative and façade stone and other products by the Stone company, included in the latest catalogue and described on the company’s website. Modern exterior tiles and decorative stone are what we especially recommend.



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