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Terrace boards.

Mark Brzesko / Terrace boards

TerasSystem CLICK Thermojesion

TerasSystem Click is a solution that lets you building wooden decking in just one day. All wooden elements are oiled at our factory and board can be fastened to joists with ease thanks to  CLICK clamps. The base elements of Terrace System CLICK are boards made of ThermoAsh joists made of exotic wood and plastic Click clamps. The patented  Click clamps connect the joists and boards permanently thanks to special construction no additional fixing is necessary.

Exotic terrace board

Classes of Wood used externally: Bangkirai, Massaranduba, Cumaru, Merbau, Tatajuba and Ipe
are extremely resistant to biological destruction under changing atmospheric conditions.
It is a result of high density of wood and a big amount of tannin contained in it.
Durability of these classes, even without impregnation, is several times greater than that of impregnated pine.
The tight structure of wood gives it beautiful, smooth surface while a wide range of colours, from sunny yellow to mahogany brown and red, creates a unique climate of the surroundings.
Terrace board and Rother iDECK/iCLIP products are valued materials used by designers and constructors when building open space swimming pools, restaurants terraces, arbores, patios, fences, elevations and arranging publicly available recreation grounds.
All classes of wood have the first class of durability and can be used in external terraces without losing their mechanical attributes even for decades.

Wooden terrace board

WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) is an innovative technology, combining wood and polymers, with a content of up to 60% of strong wood fibres and bamboo. Thanks to it, the terrace boards are characterized by greater durability, lower price and trouble-free maintenance.
The high content of wood and bamboo fibres ensures:
 resistance to UV radiation;
 resistance to different weather conditions and temperature fluctuations (from -40 ° C to + 60 ° C);
 easiness of processing and convenience of assembly.


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