Aluminium Carpentry
Panel Doors

Aluminium panel doors are proposal for the most demanding users. Due to modern technical solutions and design they are functional and durable home entrance but also it`s decoration.

The construction is based on thermally insulated aluminum profiles. The whole face of the door leaf (inside and outside) is covered with top-quality aluminium sheets. The surface of the leaf is aligned with the surface of the frame, a flush, consistent, elegant surface on both sides.The possibility of using hidden hinges additionally increases the aesthetic value of the door.

The infill panels are available in many different designs and colors. Techniques of making cutters of various shapes, decorative applications and use of insulated glass makes it possible to create unique models. Thanks to this, doors can be used both in modern homes and in classic-style architecture. However, they always provide a beautiful entrance to the building that draws attention and adds charm to the entrance facade. The door panels are made of durable and weather-resistant materials. The external elements are often additionally covered with layers of special varnishes or contain epoxy resins in their surface, thanks to which the panels retain their presentable appearance for a long time.

Panel doors are characterized by both an elegant appearance and high technical parameters. Additionally taking into account the available dimensions of the structures, they give a lot of freedom in arranging the entrance to the building. It is an ideal proposition for people for whom the house means much more than just a place to live.