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Panel Floors



When choosing Meister laminate floors, you choose an authentic look, durability and ease of use. The high standard of quality during the production process and the sense of style during design are the main features of our products. The current offer includes the effects of native and exotic trees, as well as surfaces imitating marble, sandstone or fabrics. A completely new realistic finish is the sawing effect. With the exception of the LB 250 and LD 400 collections, all floor panels are available with an integrated sound absorbing pad. Special attention is paid to the LD 400 collection with a board length of 2600 mm. The range of panel floors also includes floors: NADURA – in which an innovative combination of high quality materials guarantees extreme resistance to wear and pleasant heat underfoot, recommended for areas with high traffic, which are a healthy alternative for ceramic, stoneware and PVC tiles, Design – 100% free from PVC content, floors with authentic-looking wood effects, inspired by real forest.

Krono Original

Focuses on naturalness in the development of its products: our laminate flooring is manufactured from high quality materials and consists of more than 90 per cent wood. The Krono Original® designers pay attention to the smallest details in order to underline the multifaceted effect of the laminate flooring: Krono Original® decors for laminate flooring are characterised by their brilliant colour shades, true-to-nature surface structures and their special lustre. We achieve all this by creating a realistic replication of real hardwood. Take a look at our laminate flooring collections and see for yourself.

Swiss Krono

Laminate Flooring panels are available in a few collections diversified in such usable characteristics as the thickness of the base board (from 7 to 12 mm) and abrasion class (AC3, AC4, AC5). We offer different surface structures of different gloss grade and intensity of the wood texture as well as more than 50 decors of unique color and design. The rich colors of the Kronopol laminated panels provides unparalleled opportunities of modern or timeless, extravagant or classic but always individual interiors.


Exclusive, prestigious group of panel collection, characterized by a very high quality of workmanship, original design, and diversity of decors as well as rich variety of structures. Its design, confusingly similar to the wooden floors will satisfy even the most demanding customer who will decide to purchase a laminate floor from the top shelf. Long-term guarantee and a high standard assure that the floor in each room will look unique and prestigious.