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Garage Doors

Sectional doors

Three propositions from Wiśniowski  – PRIME, UniTherm and UniPro sectional doors. Each model is equipped with a torsion spring system for 20,000 cycles. The doors are based on two types of panels – a 40 mm panel for UniPro doors or a 60 mm panel used in PRIME and UniTherm models. The panel’s heat transfer coefficient for UniPro is 0.48 W / m 2 K for PRIME and UniTherm 0.33 W / m 2 K.

Each model is equipped with ball-bearing rollers. Additionally, PRIME and UniTherm doors use double bottom seals and flexible panel spacers to increase functionality and safety of use.

The doors can be equipped with modern operating system and are available in a wide range of colours. An interesting manufacturer’s offer is the possibility of producing external door and fences in one colour chosen by the customer. 

Roller-shutter doors

Roller shutter doors consist of a cover and a panel wound on a shaft hidden in a box – this solution allows the economical use of space under the ceiling of the garage. The curtain of roller shutter doors is made of aluminum profiles filled with polyurethane foam. The bottom profile has seals that adhere to the ground. The curtain moves along aluminum guides mounted in the side edges of the opening and are equipped with brush seals. All roller shutter doors are equipped with an electric drive, in the event of a power failure the door can be opened manually using a crank.

Double-leaf doors

Double-leaf garage doors are a guarantee of low price and reliable operation using simple and proven solutions.

Double-leaf doors consist of a door frame and a leaf made of galvanized steel profiles. The leaf is filled with galvanized steel sheet with a vertical, horizontal or oblique filling arrangement. The doors are equipped with a door leaf restrictor preventing excessive opening of the leaf and a door holder to protect the door leaf against closing. The use of a hinge restrictor prevents the door leaf from drop down.


Up-and-over doors

Up-and-over doors are one of the most popular doors on the market. It features a simple and proven design to ensure door reliable operation.

The door leaf is made of galvanized steel sheet with vertical, horizontal or slanted filling design or galvanized perforated steel sheets. The frame segments are joined together with bolted connections. Extension  springs counterbalancing the weight of the door leaf are covered by safety cases which protect against the trapping of fingers. Rolls with bearings ensure many years of quiet operation.