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Air Inlets

Window diffusers enable the air inflow into residential premises. Even if a window is hermetically closed fresh air is supplied. A standard kit consists of an internal part (a diffuser) which regulates the amount of fresh air supplied and an external part (a hood) which protects from rain and insects. Additionally, special connectors and acoustic hoods can be used, which protect from external noise.

Air inlets are installed in the top part of a window. Such a method is dictated by the regulations the Polish Norm as well as practical reasons. External air flows over the zone where people usually stay, which prevents an unpleasant sense of a draft and discomfort of users..

EFR Preso

The EFR inlet can be used in PVC, wood and aluminum windows and balcony doors made of.
Automatic, pressure external air inlet installed on the window, used in the exhaust ventilation system. The EFR diffuser is equipped with a manual damper for precise setting of the air flow rate. The EFR diffuser consists of parts mounted in the room: a diffuser containing a mechanism enabling the selection of one of five air streams and an air intake mounted outside (the hood in different versions of damping and working properties).



Humidity sensitive air inlet for windows. Its humidity sensitive sensor modulates the airflow according to the ambient humidity level. The most popular model among humidity sensitive air inlets.
When using an acoustic hood, it provides sound insulation of 38 dB.
The EMM diffuser can work in two positions depending on the screwing of the stand. The air flow is directed vertically or diagonally. EMM diffusers are standard equipped with a manual closing and opening device. Closed inlets allow a minimum amount of air to be supplied (it is recommended to use this option only in adverse weather conditions).



Humidity sensitive air inlet for windows (modulates the airflow according to the ambient humidity level).  
The stylish design of the EXR air inlet enables perfect integration on most windows (PVC, Wooden, aluminium)  or rolling shutter casings. With the inclusion of high efficiency acoustic foam the product reaches an acoustic attenuation of up to 42 dB when mounted with the special base and canopy. An optional device allows on demand manually closing or opening of the air inlet, complementing the humidity sensitive function available on the EXR.