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Internal Doors

Interior doors

We offer internal doors of well known and valued Polish manufacturers: INTERDOOR, MORIC, ASILO, ENTRA, INTENSO, VOSTER, PORTA, POLSKONE, DRE.

For clients we have prepared one of the best equipped exhibitions in Małopolska. The joinery we present combines high quality and a wide selection of classic, modern, extravagant door designs as well as unusual solutions. Mark is not only a wide range of product but also a team of sales advisors who can help you to choose the right solution as well as assembling teams that measure and assemble purchased carpentry.  

Non rebated framed doors  

An interesting solution that allows you to increase optically the free space. In such doors hinges are hidden and thus invisible when closed, the sash and frame form a single plane.

Sliding Systems 

Slidning on wall system and sliding in-wall system are perfect solution  for limited space interiors  where the use of side-hung door will be impractical. They are also dedicated to spaces where comfort, modern and interesting solutions are applied.

Available solutions allow the installation of single or double leaf systems. Sliding doors can be mounted as on wall system in which the sash moves along rail mounted on the wall and is visible even after sliding apart. The second option available is the installation of in wall systems in which the door leaf is hidden in the wall after sliding apart.  

High door

The perfect solution for those who are looking for unconventional, interesting solutions. Available technologies allow us to propose collections of high doors that exceed standard dimensions. Doors available in non-rebated version.

Glass doors

A solution that opens new perspectives in interior design. Glass doors are available in the traditional, sliding option in a wide range of available decorative solutions.

Reverse rebated door

An innovative solution that allows you to open the door to the site without hinges.
A solution that allows opening the door to the center of the room. The door after closing visually is no different from the door opened in a traditional way, i.e. outside the rooms.


Currently, manufacturers offer a very wide range of interior door designs and colors. In this multitude, everyone will  find solution suitable for them.    In  our offer of internal doors we present  designs for those who are  looking for traditional, classic solutions as well as for people who value modernity and unconventionality. Available doors patterns include wooden, glazed, glass and varnished doors with a smooth matt surface. Also doors covered with ceramics, glass or to be covered with wall paint or wallpaper.