Aluminium Carpentry

Conservatories are presently becoming more and more popular as a way of creating additional space in an exiting residential building. The space can be used as an all-year-round orangery, a relaxation room, and also as a room collecting heat for the whole building, contributing to reduction of energy consumption and improving the buildings’ architectural value.

Modern conservatories, often referred to as winter gardens, are a combination of technologically advanced solutions with modern stylistics. It is a solution enabling to enjoy space, light and vegetation throughout the whole year.

The structure of conservatories delivered by us is based on Aluprof S.A. and TS System solutions: thermally insulated profiles and other complementary systems, being walls’ filling, and deciding on the conservatory’s final function and form. The main idea of the system is a possibility to construct a warm, thermally insulated ceiling supported on posts, with a possibility to attach them to vertical walls of any windows and doors system, and enable to freely create any, even the most complex roof geometry.

In most cases, our task is to build a structure which will allow to use its interior as a residential space throughout the whole year. In such an instance a whole range of thermally insulated window and door systems is applied, such as MB60, MB70, MB86, MB77HS in all thermal and fittings varieties.

Definitely less frequently structures not intended to serve as year-round winter gardens are erected, where thermally non-insulated systems.
In the cases where designed conservatory has a complex form, and in the cases of individual architectural solutions, especially where we are to make large-area roofs, we use the MB SR50 shield wall system in various thermal insulation and finishing variants.
The applied systems enable to erect structures of high thermal insulation and sound insulation factor (max Uw = 0,6 W/m2K).

Our offer includes a wide range of wood-like and RAL palette colours. Structures in two colours can also be made. Our conservatories are equipped with the highest quality, energy-saving, single or double-glazed window panels, in various configurations depending on designation and needs.

We equip our conservatories with an efficient ventilation system. Air inlet vents and roof outlet vents provide optimal air circulation in the winter garden. We also offer automatic internal roller blinds, protecting glass roofs against overheating.

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