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Industrial Gates and Fences

Sectional doors

This solution allows maximum saving of space in front of the door thanks to the use of an appropriate door guide system. The doors are characterized by high thermal insulation parameters (in the case of MakroTherm and MakroTherm XXL doors the heat-transfer coefficient is  0.33 W / m 2 K), air permeability, wind-load resistance, water tightness and acoustic resistance. The Wiśniowski company also offers a range of colour options that can be used in sectional doors as well as a wide range of panel designs and combinations (ventilated, glazed, steel panels, with ventilation grilles, with doors). 

Roller-shutter doors

Roller shutter doors are made of 100 mm wide profiles. It is possible to use glazed profiles or ventilation profiles. The doors are additionally equipped with a safety edge strip and emergency door opening systems. In case of power failure the doors can be operated manually by means of a crank or an emergency chain transmission mounted on the drive.

Roller shutter doors are the only ones  equipped drive unit as standard.

Reloading systems

Our offer include a range of products for loading and unloading operations, such as industrial doors, dock levellers, dock shelters and extra equipment.

There are offered two types of dock levellers: PowerRamp 232 NG – electro-hydraulic dock leveller with hinged lip and PowerRamp 233 NG electro-hydraulic dock leveller with telescopic lip The first dock shelter on offer is the PowerShelter 403M, the second one is the PowerShelter 407. Additional elements of reloading systems are wheel guides facilitating vehicle docking and bumpers preventing damage to the car and reloading systems.

Suspended Sliding Doors

Suspended sliding doors are simple solutions in industrial facilities, with limited development possibilities. They are used especially for building in wide openings.

The suspended sliding doors are available in single or double-leaf versions, with vertical or horizontal T-10 steel sheet infill. The door can feature insulation, wicket door, glazings or air grilles.

Suspended Sliding Doors SlidePro

The practical functionality of the SlidePro doors is due to the minimization of elements that, in addition to ensuring uncomplicated assembly, will facilitate the free and failure-free operation of the door. The door can be fastened to the ceiling or  to the lintel which reflects the universal  character of the door in terms of use. Like other types of suspended sliding doors, SlidePro can be made in a single or double leaf version.

The construction of the coat made of foam insulated panels combined with the sealing system around the entire perimeter provides the door with optimal heat transfer parameters, reaching a value of even U = 2.07 [W / m 2 xK] , which is confirmed by tests of the Building Research Institute.

Folding Doors

Industrial folding doors are dedicated to showrooms, airports, exhibitions and buildings of modern architecture where style and elegance are combined with reliability and functionality. Maximum drive-through width is 14000 x 6000 [mm].

Industrial fences

This group, includes a wide range of functional solutions such as: sliding gates, double leaf gates and wickets, industrial folding gates, panel fences, sports fencing and industrial segments.